Galileos 3D Imaging

At The Dental Touch we are continually striving to stay on top of cutting-edge technological developments in the dental field. Conventional images taken in most dental offices are two-dimensional, while the Galileos 3D imaging system uses cross-sectional images to make implants safer, more predictable and accurate. 

A 3D model of the patient’s jaw quickly appears in our computer system, allowing us to perform the surgery virtually before the actual procedure even starts. Less than 1% of dentist utilize The Galileos imaging system, but The Dental Touch doctors knew this was an essential piece of technology for our practice. Better than a traditional X-Ray, the Galileos 3D diagnostic system delivers superior quality images of your teeth with one of the lowest doses of radiation.

The Galileos 3D imaging system delivers comprehensive results faster than traditional methods and takes only about 15 seconds to deliver 200 images of your teeth and jaw.  With The Galileos 3D imaging system, we are also able to determine bone density, discover sinus issues and signs of sleep apnea.

The speed and precision of this machine allows patients to return to their day faster than traditional methods, as a diagnosis and treatment plan are quickly assembled. means less waiting time for a diagnosis and quickly generated treatment plan.

The Galileos system also provides a clear view of delicate facial nerves and bone structure, allowing for minimalized pain and time for the healing process.

The Dental Touch is proud to offer you the finest quality of Digital Dentistry available with our Galileos 3D imaging software.

Feel free to stop by and ask us for a look. We’ll be happy to explain the procedure and software to you during your next visit!


Why choose Galileos 3D imaging ?

  • Less invasive than traditional X-Rays
  • Faster and more efficient than traditional methods
  • Can help to diagnose sinus issues and sleep apnea
  • Allows for the possibility of less pain and quicker recovery time
  • Less time in our office
  • 200 images of your teeth in just 15 seconds
  • More comfortable for patients than tradition methods
  • Less radiation than traditional methods