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Healthy Holidays Smile!

Healthy Holidays Smile!
Posted on 12/09/2016

Ahhh, the holidays…  The time of year we visit with family and old friends, sing our favorite carols and trim up the tree while sporting our best ugly Christmas sweater and savor in the delights of sweet and tasty treats.  While it is easy (and of course fun) to get caught up in the magic of festive soirees, twinkling lights, and the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, we oftentimes overindulge in the deliciousness of the season-remember that New Year’s resolution last year?  Of course we know that the holidays can wreak havoc on our waistline, but they can also take a toll on our teeth, so I asked a couple of pros on The Dental Touch team for some handy tips to keep your smile in shape this holiday season.  Here’s what I found:

·         Don’t forget to brush and floss!  This time of year it is easy to break away from our regular routine of oral hygiene when we are traveling to and fro, chasing elves and otherwise.  But seriously, all those sticky caramels, cookies and sweets-not to mention the massive carbs we find on the holiday table-are full of sugar which can contribute to tooth decay so keep your toothbrush handy.  Clinical Assistant Kimberly has a great tip if you can’t brush right away:  Rinse your mouth with water or snack on an apple to clean your teeth. Don’t like apples?  Try chewing on sugarless gum with Xylitol-it increases saliva flow, reduces plaque acid and strengthens the teeth.   Also, be sure to carry some floss with you-not only will it keep those gums nice and healthy, but it will help alleviate any food being stuck in between your teeth.  No one wants to have a ‘spinach smile’ in the group or family photo!

·         Be cautious of hard nuts and hard candies.    What is worse than a spinach smile?  How about a broken or chipped tooth?  Leslie, one of our Clinical Assistants, tells me that one of the biggest dental disasters (and maybe one of the most feared) over the holidays is a damaged tooth or lost crown as a result of biting down on hard candies or nuts.  Be wary of those sticky sweets too, such as taffy or brittle, as they are also full of sugar and these treats tend to stay on your teeth longer than other types of food.  If you just can’t imagine your holiday without these goodies, be sure to keep your floss nearby and brush right after.


We hope you find these helpful and stay tuned for more holiday tips in the coming days.  Be sure to post a comment below and share some of your own holiday hacks for keeping your smile merry and bright!

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