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Sleep Apnea & Your Health

Over 18 Million adults in the US alone, as well as up to 20 percent of habitually snoring children, have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that results in brief but repeated interruptions to normal breathing during sleep. Not only is this a potentially life-threatening disorder, it also has a significant impact on oral health.

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Best Drinks for Your Teeth

Many of the things we drink are actually pretty bad for our teeth, especially soda, fruit juice, and coffee. What options does that leave for the dental health conscious to quench their thirst? Fortunately, there are a few drinks that are much less likely to cause stains or contribute to enamel erosion and decay, which makes them much better for our teeth!

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Veneers for the New Year!

Many of us are unhappy with the way our smiles look. Maybe our teeth aren’t as white as we’d like, they have unusual shapes, or they’ve suffered some damage like chipping or fractures. Veneers are a great, long-lasting solution we can use to fix these problems and get the smiles of our dreams.

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The Hidden Sugars In Our Food

When we think of sugary food, we usually picture things like candy, cake, pie, ice cream, and soda, but there is sugar hiding in many of the foods we buy at the grocery store — even foods we don’t think of as sweet! This is bad news for our oral health, because the harmful bacteria in our mouths love all that sugar, whether we know we’re eating it or not.

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Dental Implants and You

Implants, on the other hand, are metal posts surgically placed in the jawbone under the gums and are basically a new root for a replacement tooth that looks and acts like a natural tooth. Are they right for you?

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Watch Your Mouth!

Oral Cancer is a disease that can sneak up on you. While the number of people diagnosed with oral cancer has increased over the past decade, the survival rate is high if caught early. Oral cancer doesn’t discriminate based on age, or even habits, as 40 percent of those diagnosed with the disease are young, non-smokers.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read our blog! We like to keep our patients up-to-date with what’s happening in the office, so check often for the latest posts.

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